Lady Reveals How She Was Paid To Fake That She Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

A 36-year-old Lady in Delta State who has actually been effectively treated and released after testing positive.
for the coronavirus claims while the pandemic may be real in the Western world, she’s nevertheless a living witness that, in Nigeria, COVID-19 is a fraud.
Details emerged that the woman was tested positive on 17 April and she was kept and dealt with in an isolation centre in Warri for 17 days, before checking negative two times.
Talking with reporters on Monday, May 18, she stated:
“It was an audio result that I obtained. They called me to tell me that I tested positive but did not offer me any results.Later the doctor contact me and provide me 15k to lie I have the signs and likewise inform me if I can bring my good friends to do the very same.
“Before I was taken there I currently said the virus is not in this country. We can not curb its spread if it is in this nation.”The illness might remain in the western globe, but not here. Keeping me there [isolation Centre] was against my wish.


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