PHOTOS:23-Year-Old Lies Helpless; Waiting To Die Over Galamsey Activity


A 23-year-old SHS graduate Peter Ayawin Alamusah,who was injured on a Galamsey site in Dunkwa, now lies helpless in the Bawku Presbyterian Hospital with a spinal injury.

Narrating how the accident happened to, Peter revealed that in September 2017, a tree which had been weakened by Galamsey activity fell on him. He was then sent to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital where a surgery was recommended, but his family could not afford the bill, so they took him to the Bawku Presbyterian Hospital where he currently receives a daily ration of meals and medication for free.

Despite the generosity of the staff and administration of the hospital, Peter’s condition isn’t getting any better. This according to his care providers is because, at that stage of his injury, surgery is the only solution. What the Doctors and Nurses in the Bawku Presbyterian Hospital are doing is nothing more than just buying poor Peter time, and they say if the surgery is not done soon, Peter might become permanently disabled or even die.

Peter also told that his family has given up on him because they have no hope of raising the money needed for his surgery:

“They hardly even come to visit me. My kid sister, Alice is the only relative that still comes to visit.. Alice had to drop out of school countless times to come and take care of me, and now that she has completed Senior High School, she stays with me at the hospital permanently”,Peter Sadly revealed

Sounding extremely hopeless,Peter appealed for support,” I have  no hope of ever leaving this hospital bed if i don’t undergo the spine surgery;I’m therefore appealing to all Ghanaians, charity organisations and philanthropists to come to my aid, so that my kid sister and I can go back to living normal lives and also be able to pursue our dreams”.

Peter can be contacted on 0543305104.


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