SHOCKING VIDEO:Lady Cheats Death After Drinking Poison 16 Times


A young woman has narrated her story of how she drunk poison 16 times in an attempt to take her life but is still alive .She told her story during an interview on Happy FM’s ‘Nsem Pii’ program.

The interview detailed the bizzar circumstances through which she came into this world and what led her to trying to commit suicide 16 times in a row.

According to her ,her father cursed her mother while she was pregnant because he assumed on speculation from friends that the child was not his.

“My mother suffered during her pregnancy and forcibly gave birth to me in a flowing river,” she pointed out.

She continued to say that after all the struggles she and her mother went through, her mother passed away leaving her more frustrated than before. That was when she started finding means to end her life .

“I tried drinking the acid in battery but l still didn’t die,” she said.


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