Terr Bonchaka Would’ve Been Alive If He Had A Mum Like Shatta Wale’s Mum


October 30, 2019, marked exactly 16-years Ghanaian musician Terry Bonchaka, born Terry Nii Okang Mensah Adjetey passed away.

Terry Bonchaka passed away in a car crash on the Legon-Madina road while returning from a show at the Akuafo Hall Celebration at the University of Ghana(Legon).

According to what was reported, the car in which Terry was driving suddenly veered off the road and hit a tree causing him to die instantly.

Marking his 16th anniversary, his mother, Mrs Charlotte Adjetey and a musician claiming to be the Sister of the late music icon, Shatana were in the studios of TV Africa in Accra to recount memories of his life.

His mother, in the interview revealed that somebody had a hand in the death of Terry. According to her, she strongly believes her son was murdered because signs on his dead body proved it wasn’t just a car crash.

Shatana, recounting Terry’s death dared Reagan Mends who was then his (Terry Bonchaka) manager  to come out with the truth surrounding the death of the ‘Puulele’ hitmaker.

” Reagan and those who were with him on the day before his last performance should come so i touch them with my  hands and they will confess every truth”,She said

According to her, Terry’s spirit which is in much agony lives in her hands since she was the only one who was allowed to touch and examine her brother’s body when he passed away at the 37 Military Hospital.

Responding to the allegations hurled against him, Reagan Mends in a statement revealed that ,Shatana is not Terry Bonchaka’s  biological sister but just a friend who in her quest to promote her talentless music career is conniving with Mrs Charlotte Adjetey to perpetuate such opprobrious and grossly libellous falsehood just to gain public Sympathy.

According to Reagan,Terry would’ve been alive if he had a mother like Shatta Wale’s Mother

Reagan Mends,who is a journalist at Hot 93.9FM and CEO of RazzNews.com, urged the general public to disregard the allegation with the contempt it deserves.

Below is Reagan Mends’ Statement:

Following the derogatory statement made in an interview on TV Africa by the mother of  late dancehall/Hiplife artiste,Terry Bonchaka;Mrs Charlotte Adjetey,and a female musician,Shatana purporting to be a sister of the late music icon,that i (Reagan Mends) played a part in the demise of Terry,i unequivocally urge the general public to disregard the allegation with the contempt it deserves.

As the then manager of the late music Icon, i confidently say, Shatana is not Terry’s sister. Yes, She is not the biological sister of the late ‘Puu lele’ crooner.

According to my checks,She is just a friend and a retired slay queen who in her quest to promote her talentless music career is conniving with Terry’s mother to perpetuate this opprobrious and grossly libellous falsehood in order to gain public sympathy.

Former speaker of parliament , late Peter Ala Adjetey,happens to be the grandfather of Terry and he played a significant role in assuring that the cause of the demise of his grandson was determined.

As purported by the talentless Shatana who is shamefully being backed by Terry’s mother that he(Terry Bonchaka) was murdered, nothing of that sort was chronicled in the post mortem.

I’m extremely shocked, and just can’t comprehend why a mother who is accusing me of having a hand in my own ‘brother’,friend and artiste’s demise would go to the extreme of peddling such opprobrious falsehood just to promote the musical career of a talentless and a retired slay queen.

Terry’s cousin ,Glenn, also died in a ghastly motor accident on the Nima highway between 2005/2006.Can Terry’s mother and the talentless Shatana also tell me the person who murdered Glenn?

Because of the immense respect i have for the late Terry Bonchaka,his late Father Mr. Robert Adjetey, and his elder brother Jerry, i woudn’t want to expose certain facts about his Mother.

But,i would only state emphatically for now that ,Terry would’ve been alive if he had a  mother like Shatta Wale’s mother.

Let me end by Singing the best Ghanaian gospel song currently by Joseph Matthew(JM) titled ‘Nyame Ye'(God Is Good); because God has been exceedingly good to me by protecting me from the obnoxious hands of the platitudinous devil.

Below is Joseph Matthew’s ‘Nyame Ye’ (God is Good) hit song


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