VIDEO:When I Die & Reincarnate I’ll Choose Nigerian Music Industry-Zapp Mallet

Award-winning sound engineer, Emmanuel Zapp Mallet (a.k.a Zapp Mallet), has stated categorically that he would “obviously” go for Nigerian music industry, if he was  reincarnated.
In an interview with Sandra of RazzNews, the legendary sound engineer asserted that whoever has chosen the music profession in Ghana has chosen a very noble profession but at a crappy location.
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Juxtaposing Ghanaian artists with artists of other countries, the Zapp stated that while the former are crying over hunger, the latter are rather sponsoring politicians.
The veteran record producer said that the main source of revenue for the Ghanaian artists is from shows, but artists from Francophone countries in Africa earn a lot from royalties.
According to him, the Coronavirus pandemic has made a serious hit on the pockets of Ghanaian artists, yet their songs are still being played on TV and radio without earning royalties.
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He thus expressed his discontentment with the income and revenue derived from the music industry in Ghana–adding that though the Ghanaian Music industry has not served them well, they are forging on for posterity sake–so that the future leaders of the industry can possibly make a change.
Zapp Mallet who has engineered many hit songs including “Ngozi” (Michael Dwamena) and “Puulele”( Terry Bonchaka) expressed regret by emphasizing that the music profession is a noble profession, but he just found himself in an erroneous location hence he would obviously prefer to be in the Nigerian Music industry if he died and reincarnated.
Kindly watch the interview below!


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